Sunday, December 1, 2013

Welcome and Enjoy!

What is Classic Africa

For many years, Photography has been a medium through which I have expressed my love and absolute dedication to the perfection of God Creation – The African Wilderness.
The split second in which the shutter snaps open and shut, and the image is captured, simply does not reflect the complete experience!
Ever wondered what life must really be like at the Safari Lodges for those that live, work and breathe there? What and who allows the lodges to tick, and provide the guests with memories that last a lifetime?
Be it the anticipation of the sightings, the early mornings, late nights around the Boma fire and the drama of seeing life starting and then tragically ending?
The comedy of experiences, the adventure of mischievousness, the successes, failures, hardships and pleasures.
Follow me as I share with you a collection of tales, behind the scenes occurrences, and reveal the life that I have been blessed to have lived in my Classic Africa!

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